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Mitre GRID Rugby Ball
Mitre GRID Rugby Ball
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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Have you found the product we sold you at a cheaper price at another local shop (excluding sales or special discounts)? Our policy is to try to ensure that this does not happen, and we continuously scan the market to maintain the most competitive prices.

If you have found the product at a cheaper price elsewhere, please give us the details, and we will either refund the difference or credit you with the amount that you spent on the particular good.

All Prices include VAT at 18%.

The order is deemed committed to after entering all the delivery data, payment information and pressing ‘Confirm Order’.

All contracts are in English.

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Unsquashable Y-Tec 805
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Prince Tennis O3 Red MP
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Prince Tennis O3 Silver
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DONIC 2-Player Set Level 500
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DONIC 2-Player Set Level 400

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